Boundary & Topographic Survey

Boundary&Topographic Survey

Purpose: Identification of boundaries to topographic surveys and to any level of execution of the same is done with our diversified team of engineers in MESE and with the technological merge of our survey team with the photogrammetry processing system, any such survey is done with the best possible precision and is executed as per the plan. With the emergence of advanced technologies, use of aerial survey is continuously increasing as the same consumes a lot less time when compared to the older methods and also can cover a vast area in a short duration of time.

  • The photogrammetry department under the aerial surveying system uses the aerial images taken from high as well as low altitude and compiles both to have the topographic mapping of the location.
  • Aerial survey for the boundary and topographic surveys are opted when the area to be surveyed is huge and when the manual methods might take a much longer time to complete the same. Aerial survey in such situations does not negate the fact that a physical presence of a surveyor is required in monitoring the whole process and the necessary details are covered by the surveying drone or aero plane fitted with the aerial surveying cameras .The advantage of the same is that a lot of the respective area detail-data is collected in a lot less time as a point cloud and the same is then processed into a virtual image with the full details which is then reviewed and the final report is made accordingly.
  • Around the time of survey or even at the preparation stage, by means of aerial surveying, real time progress can be monitored and the same can be visually seen by the stake-holders, investors and by the workers themselves in order to help gauge on their performance and to check if the targets were achieved as per schedule and if not ,from where did the lapse happen.