Land Surveys

Here at Middle East Survey Engineering (MESE), we strive to deliver a tailored and experienced service all the time – no matter what size your job is. Whether you’re a family wanting a new home, or an apartment developer, MESE is here to provide a complete hassle-free solution. From subdivisions to high-rise projects, the Land Development team at MESE can give you the best advice. Additionally, by utilizing our range of specialized services.

Our dedicated team of project coordinators can ensure the seamless progression of your development, through to the compliance of conditions and coordination of your surveying requirements. We can also assist in preparation of applications for municipality submissions.

When you engage with MESE you get flexibility, scalability, and back office support. We are equipped for every aspect of the job requirement, providing the complete solution. By using the latest technology we’re able to be efficient and reactive, with multiple teams available whenever you need them aligned with a range of services and advice to help you through the entire process.

From topographic and site surveys, through to strata subdivisions and multi-unit development projects. We also provide assistance on reestablishment surveys, gate level surveys and new baron projects.