Mobile Mapper

Middle East Survey Engineering (MESE) has been known for its market dominance due to providing excellent mapping, surveying and engineering services within the GCC, Middle East and Sub Sahara Africa regions. A preferred service provider to many municipalities and authorities, operating with nothing less than the most up to date market leading and state of the art equipment for all projects executed.

Mobile Mapping System Advantages

  • High performance laser scanner for accurate point cloud
  • High performance camera for non-compromised image capture with Panoramic view.
  • Advance Applanix IN-FUSION proven GNSS inertial integration technology.
  • Centimeter level mobile positioning accuracy
  • Effective in production of survey maps for design, engineering, planning and utility projects.
  • True color point cloud data.
  • Cover larger areas in short time span with lesser cost.
  • Very effective in surveying urban areas without disrupting traffic.
  • Efficient for surveying in busy highways by avoiding costly lane closures.

Mass Data Collection