Progress Monitoring & Reporting

Purpose: With the emergence of advanced technologies, use of aerial survey is continuously increasing as the same consumes a lot less time when compared to the older methods and also can cover a vast area in a short duration of time. Another such advantage of aerial surveying is used in the construction field where the continuous progress of the objective can be monitored and reported for any number of times. Use of this technology is fast grabbing the attention of construction industry as such form of survey can be used in the pre-planning, job site survey, construction progress, post build checks etc.

  • A 3-D image is provided by the aerial surveying and monitoring and hence the work can be exactly assessed in detail based on the 3D image processed. The same provides a detail visual look to the investors and the clients thus making the whole process a lot more convincing and precise.
  • Aerial monitoring gives a better control in the work progress thus giving timely updates and fault rectification if any which is time bound and cost effective.
  • Around the time of construction or even at the preparation stage, by means of aerial routing and surveying, real time progress can be monitored and the same can be visually seen by the stake-holders, investors etc and by the workers themselves in order to help gauge on their performance and to check if the targets were achieved as per schedule and if not ,to find out the reason of the lapse that occurred.
  • With the aerial photogrammetry processing techniques, volumetric assessments and monitoring of the same too can be carried out.