Quarry Inspection

Purpose : To provide a faster and timely solution to the traditional methods where a lot of time is consumed towards the survey and inspection of quarries/mines.

Inspection of Stockpiles

  • Stockpile measurement can be done at a faster pace and more often at a cost much lower than traditional methods
  • A single hub measurement and management for all stockpile volumes
  • Detailing on the total available quantity and location of site materials.
  • Avoid physical pile up of data as the same can be recorded in to the system for any number of times.

Excavation of Mines

  • Efficient management of logistics for the excavation purposes.
  • Visualize the entire mine site with a birds eye-view with its
  • relevant details from the aerial level
  • Comparison of sites possible for better production-planning
  • Track the continuous productions/excavations
  • Quick Identification of routes to the destination mines in case of complex geography.

Site Monitoring of Safety and Compliance

Use of aerial survey by using drones also gives a continuous check on the adherence of site-staff safety and compliance and that its in line with the government regulations or as per the legal system of the land.