Resource Mapping

Purpose: Yet another scope and the never ending limits of aerial survey includes into the mapping of resources in a given area.

  • MESE with its advanced aerial inspection systems can check upon the proposed site in place and assess for any availabilities as far as the resources available- for instance the availability of vegetation.
  • It can fly through and collect the data which can then be processed to find out if the said area was used as an agricultural land. With the images processed from the satellite and the aerial mapping, further and precise details can be derived.
  • In cases of thick vegetation, aerial mapping can be used up-to centi meter precision in order to find out the native plant vs the invasive plants in the area
  • Further, in lands of multi crop agriculture, aerial mapping can be done in order to find out the different crop density and its various differences from the other crops based on which the future decisions can be done with.
  • Aerial mapping is also used in order to have a thorough wildlife study as in cases where there is no vegetation density and the same can give details about the different species available