Shoreline Mapping

Purpose: One of the best solution to protect the shoreline and to monitor the same is by aerial mapping. Middle East Survey Engineering is equipped with the latest state of the art technological and highly advanced aerial mapping equipments that can serve as a solution in mapping the shoreline.

  • Helps to identify the boundaries by the aerial photographs and the light detection and ranging devices thus enabling the limits of land and water.
  • Change in the geography of the shoreline is detected by the aerial mapping and the data thus obtained over a period of time defines in any change of the shoreline.
  • In case of any disasters such as tsunami or hurricanes, such an aerial view and mapping suggests the extent of damage caused by the havoc.
  • Helps in identifying the availability of different habitats near the shore or in shallow water.
  • Difference in heights of the shore to sea can be mapped periodically as any change in the same can have drastic effects on the existing habitats and the human life till then.