Site and Route Mapping

Purpose: Aerial surveying is revolutionizing the whole process of roads, site and the ROW (right of way) identification and mapping when a new area is proposed and identified to be developed with a full infrastructure consisting of roads, buildings, community development facilities etc. The earlier processes which used to involve a whole lot of human involvement and physical labour is no longer a worry with the latest technologies that we have incorporated in the aerial survey done by MESE. While there is no denial that some part of site or route might have to be surveyed by a human surveyor, but most of the area can be done in much lesser time with more efficiency.

  • MESE with its advanced aerial inspection systems can check upon the proposed site in place and assess for any damages by recording the data and through its processing system, same can be looked into in detail and necessary corrections can be planned.
  • Aerial survey covering the area can propose for the break lines for roads, structures etc. thus making it to centi-meter precision.
  • The vegetation density can be measured and the right of way can be determined if the vegetation is not to be destroyed or disturbed.
  • Thermal images of the area can also be taken vide aerial survey in order to assess through any power transmissions present through the route.
  • Al the data can be collected in much lesser a time than the traditional methods as a cloud data and the same can be processed at the back end using the photogrammetry software thus giving out a virtual 2d/3D image which enables the whole area to be relooked any number of times in order to take a clear and correct decision.