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Middle East Survey Engineering is one of the leading engineering surveying companies in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2002, we have grown as a premier engineering company taking care of precise engineering surveying. At Middle East Survey Engineering, our focus is to get the best people and provide continuous training and career development for them, so that we can deliver superior value to our clients. The majority of our clients have been with us for a long time due to the quality of our work.

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  • Land Survey
  • Aerial Survey
  • Marine Survey
  • Terrestrial Scanning
  • Utility Mapping
  • Traffic Survey
Land Survey

Here at Middle East Survey Engineering (MESE), we strive to deliver a tailored and experienced service all the time – no matter what size your job is. Whether you’re a family wanting a new home, or an apartment developer, MESE is here to provide a complete hassle-free solution. From subdivisions to high-rise projects, The Land Survey Team at MESE can give you the best advice. Additionally, by utilizing our range of specialized services.

Our dedicated team of project coordinators can ensure the seamless progression of your development, through to the compliance of conditions and coordination of your surveying requirements.

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Aerial Survey

Time and accuracy are very important in our service. Considering the same, Middle East Survey Engineering deals with different types of Aerial Surveys which give fast and accurate results. We use advanced Drone Solutions for the client with the support of our experienced staff in the same. We provide a faster and timely solution to the traditional methods where a lot of time is consumed towards the survey and inspection.

The use of aerial surveys by using drones also gives a continuous check on the adherence of site-staff safety and compliance and that it’s in line with the government regulations or as per the legal system of the land. We provide the methods like Quarry Inspection, Asset Inspection, Shoreline Mapping, Survey Grade Mapping, Power Line Modelling, Site & Route Planning, Resource Mapping, etc.

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Marine Survey

At Middle East Survey Engineering (MESE), we provide specialized hydrographic, bathymetric and geographical survey services that cover a broad range of hydrographic disciplines. Whether it be offshore or near shore – we have them both covered.

Our hydrographic surveyors have access to an array of hydrographic survey sensors, platforms, state-of-the-art technology and software, empowering us to deliver an exclusive, tailored data resolution to your specific needs. Survey systems are selected based on the scope of work, water depth, operating frequency, range from shore, accuracy requirements, seabed conditions, and size of vessel.

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Terrestrial Scanning

Laser scanning provides rapid acquisition of accurate 3D data in a time and cost-effective manner. The team at Middle East Survey Engineering (MESE) has the technical and practical expertise to utilize the latest technology and procedures, giving the client peace of mind knowing that they are getting unmatched, cost-effective and high accuracy survey work.

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Utility Mapping

You can trust our team at MESE to give you the confidence to plan, design and manage with our utility detection capabilities and fleet of equipment. We use the utility mapping to Validate existing utility locations and data from existing asset owner plans and search for unknown utilities, using a range of geophysical techniques.

Our underground utility mapping solutions can add value to your project by:

  • Mitigating potential conflicts in design to avoid costly delays.
  • Conduct conflict analysis of utilities clashing with design.
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Traffic Survey

Middle East Survey Engineering provides a data collection, analysis and presentation service to the traffic and transport sector.

Our objective is to constantly deliver accurate survey information/data within the timeframes required by our clients and acquire a proactive approach to all our clients’ needs.

Traffic count is the powerful source for TIS Consultants, we provide innovative traffic solutions for both the public and private sectors. Our results provided are extremely helpful for the consultants to improvise their traffic Operations & solve transportation issues and are approved traffic surveyor for the RTA plus have executed many projects within the GCC region.

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Ontime Delivery

We make use of our experience, expertise and innovation to deliver the projects on time with the complete satisfaction of our customer.

Qualified Staff

Middle East Survey Engineering is a well known name in this industry mainly because of the team work and the quality of our staffs. We never compromise on the same.

Customer Support

We provide the best consultation and support to the client for completing their dream projects. Our customer support team gives the proper solution for our clients.

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Middle East Survey Engineering

Middle East Survey Engineering is one of the leading engineering surveying companies in the United Arab Emirates. Established in 2002, we have grown as a premier engineering company taking care of precise engineering surveying



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