Aerial Survey

Time and accuracy are very important in our service. Considering the same, Middle East Survey Engineering deals with different types of Aerial Surveys which give fast and accurate results. We use advanced Drone Solutions for the client with the support of our experienced staff in the same. We provide a faster and timely solution to the traditional methods where a lot of time is consumed towards the survey and inspection.

The use of aerial surveys by using drones also gives a continuous check on the adherence of site-staff safety and compliance and that it’s in line with the government regulations or as per the legal system of the land. We provide the methods like Quarry Inspection, Asset Inspection, Shoreline Mapping, Survey Grade Mapping, Power Line Modelling, Site & Route Planning, Resource Mapping, Disaster Analyses, Volume Determinations, Progress Monitoring / Reporting and Boundary & Topographic Surveys.


  • Utilities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Tunneling
  • Construction
  • Tank Calibration/Inspection
  • Mining
  • Archeology
  • Rail
  • GIS